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bhelmes 2021-01-17 23:10

best crackpot message in 2020
For a little bit entertainment:

What message of Misc.Math was your personal crackpot-winner according
[URL=""][I][url][/url][/I][/URL] in the year 2020.

How many points did he or she gained, and is there a possibility to top the message.

How many points are possible? Replys should give either a href or maximimum 10 lines.

(Is there a way to compute in real time your personal highscore ?)

Have a little bit fun ... :cmd: :beatdown: :gah: :uncwilly:

Batalov 2021-01-17 23:59

Any score of 10 or more usually makes a crack posting no different from any other crank posting. As they say, "you cannot win for losing". Any of these postings is a wasting of an unsuspecting reader's time. There is no large difference. (Also, if you think that the mods are expected to calculate the score then you are mistaken - these are primarily for the person who writes a post. First step is they learn that they have a problem. Second step is that they admit it and start working on improving that. In the ideal worlds, of course. Many don't get over the 1st step. Ever.)

I have to warn you that your posting comes across as a provocation to e-bullying. Let's make a note and if this thread goes on to offend people - you will bear the (large part of the) blame. Have you considered that a large proportion of the population is unable to distinguish a criticism of their post and a personal insult to them? Is that [I]their[/I] problem? They don't think so. Of course, it isn't - it's [I]yours[/I]!

Dr Sardonicus 2021-01-18 02:14

Asking this Forum what was the "best" crackpot message of 2020 based on degree of crackpottery, is sort of like going to a free clinic, and asking what was the "best" suppurating wound they had to treat in 2020, based on highest amount and most extreme foulness of discharge.

The only thing I can think of as a "good" crackpot message is one saying the crackpot has irritated enough people sufficiently to get banned. The quality of the message would be measured by the length of the ban, permanent being best possible. Ties are allowed.

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