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wreck 2016-05-08 05:24

mi64: inverse does not exist
In the process to log the progress of NFS@Home,
sometimes, I found some WU are lost,
and then I dig it more this day, and found,


Incorrect function.
(0x1) - exit code 1 (0x1)
boinc initialized
work files resolved, now working
-> projects/escatter11.fullerton.edu_nfs/lasieve5f_1.11_windows_x86_64.exe
-> -a
-> -f
-> 4340260000
-> -c
-> 10000
-> -R
-> -o
-> ../../projects/escatter11.fullerton.edu_nfs/G2m1285_2_4340260_2_r1523667159_0
-> ../../projects/escatter11.fullerton.edu_nfs/G2m1285.poly
mi64: inverse does not exist
00:24:07 (5608): called boinc_finish


This WU has been signed to 6 different computers, and got the same error,
with both Linux and Windows.

When searching the error information form source,
it seems like it come from
line 85 to 98,
/* uses same auxiliary variables as mm64 */
static u64_t mi64(u64_t x)
if (!mm64_init)
if (!mpz_invert(mm64_aux1,mm64_aux1,mm64_aux2))
Schlendrian("mi64: inverse does not exist\n");
return mpz_get_ull(mm64_aux1);

I have not enough knowledge or time to dig out the reason,
so I pop it out here to others.

ggnfs's source could found at

chris2be8 2016-05-08 15:44

A few questions that I hope might help lead someone to the answer:

What is the poly for that job?
What does the job file contain? (LPBA, MFBA, special-Q range etc).
Have any WUs for that job completed successfully? If so what special-Qs worked?


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