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yankeesmarc923 2004-06-13 18:00

Reformatted Hard Drive - Lost Work?
hey everyone...
i've been part of prime95 for about 9 months. i recently had to re-format one of my computers running prime95. there is no way to recover the work that computer had already done? the computer ID still shows up on my personal page. if i were to download the program again and set the computer ID to what it was, will it pick up from where it left off? thanks

garo 2004-06-13 18:50

You should definitely give the computer the same name again. The only work you lost due to the formatting was on the number you were working on. That you cannot recover. Other than that all the remaining work will still be credited to your account.

yankeesmarc923 2004-06-16 20:10 i re-downloaded it, and its currently doing the LL tests...

since i lost all the work on the number it was working on when the computer died, do i unreserve that exponent? how do i do this? thanks

S80780 2004-06-16 21:57

there is no need to unreserve it. For PrimeNet, it doesn't make any difference. Nonetheless, if you somehow feel uncomfortable with the exponent, you can unreserve it by choosing [u][b]A[/b][/u][b]dvanced[/b] -> [b][u]U[/u]nreserve Exponent[/b], entering the exponent and contacting PrimeNet. The server will then hand out another expo to your comp.

Prime Monster 2004-06-16 21:58

It will automatically be "unreserved" after a while, so do not worry about it


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