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James Heinrich 2021-09-25 16:19

gpuowl for P-1 only
Can gpuowl be used to do [i]only[/i] P-1? If so, how?

kriesel 2021-09-25 16:53

Yes. V6.11-380 or somewhat earlier. If you don't specify bounds somehow, it will default to B1=1M, B2=30M. Worktodo entry formats [URL=""]here[/URL]. Speed comparisons [URL=""]here[/URL], and [URL=""]here[/URL].

James Heinrich 2021-09-25 17:31

[QUOTE=kriesel;588685]Worktodo entry formats [URL=""]here[/URL][/QUOTE]Great reference, thanks.
But it doesn't seem to work in the most recent version I found (v7.2.69)?
Using the sample worktodo entry from your link above:[code]U:\gpuowl>gpuowl-win
2021-09-25 13:29:23 GpuOwl VERSION v7.2-69-g23c14a1
2021-09-25 13:29:23 GpuOwl VERSION v7.2-69-g23c14a1
2021-09-25 13:29:23 config: -user JamesHeinrich -cpu RX480
2021-09-25 13:29:23 device 0, unique id ''
2021-09-25 13:29:23 RX480 worktodo.txt line ignored: "B1=790000,B2=16590000;PFactor=A125254BD75564243D4B73D4EC601234,1,2,91538501,-1,77,2"
2021-09-25 13:29:23 RX480 Bye[/code]

kriesel 2021-09-25 18:13

Right. In V7.x you'd have to give bounds with a [I]PRP[/I] worktodo line, then kill the run after P-1 stage 2 finishes. (Possibly you could use -iters if that worked. I vaguely recall trying that -iters method without success. The iters option value would be about 1.45-1.5 times the B1 bound.) And it would be slower than V6.11-380 or -364 etc. That's why I referred to V6.11-380 in post 2, and gave links to speed comparisons. Many of us are still running V6.11-380 or lower for some purposes. When I was running multiple RadeonVIIs as a P-1 factory, that was all with modified bounds prepended, on V6.11-380; sometimes ~40 wavefront P-1 results/day/GPU with GPU72 row bounds indicated at
If you reread the worktodo entry formats post carefully in the Gpuowl section, you'll see that PFactor= is not one of the accepted forms for V7.x. That's intentional, not an omission. V7.x does not support standalone PFactor, nor LL; it's combined P-1/PRP only. In some cases that's faster than V6.11-380 standalone P-1 followed by PRP, in most cases not. Also note that v7.2-69 was not the fastest 7.2 version in my experience; generally that was 7.2-53.

All that is part of why the Gpuowl [URL=""]intro pos[/URL]t includes "In either case, note that the computation types, hardware supported, fft size limits, file formats, etc have varied greatly and rapidly over the course of the hundreds of versions. Choose version according to what you want to run and what each offers."

Preda never let the past get in the way of trying to make improvements. That seems to have worked well overall. And presents an occasional pitfall for the unwary.

James Heinrich 2021-09-25 18:21

Seems to be working with v6.11-380, thanks.

kriesel 2021-09-25 20:38

One thing in favor of V7.x P-1 is superior error detection.
1) It saves powers of 3 produced during PRP/GEC, for use in generating the P-1 stage 1 power of 3. Generation of those individual powers if it errors will get flagged by a GEC.
2) It uses Jacobi check on the P-1 computations.

An extremely long P-1 run might be better on V7.2-53 for that error detection despite a small speed disadvantage.

Jacobi check on P-1 is something I had identified as possible by early 2019, and R. Gerbicz reviewed. It's not as productive as for LL, since unlike for the LL sequence, it's not known which value is correct, that must be computed.

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