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Raman 2012-07-25 07:29

Operation Dunning-Kruger-Krieg
If whether it is really being practically possible, indeed

Please pardon my own interruption. But as a collective team work & effort, will we be indeed
really be able to tackle away with RSA-1024 in its place? It sounds rather like a drastic
jump to me,is to being for towards [COLOR=White]a[/COLOR]way quite directly from 203 digits within Mersenne Forum, 232 digits from within EPFL et al.

309 decimal digits. Remember this thing first place

Furthermore, what is being the fun in tackling away something for which we already know the
factors to be of both roughly equal in size?
I am not questioning for developments & improvements in GNFS polynomial selection tool, not
some need to eliminate away the small possible prime factors by using the Elliptic Curve
Method, etc.

If we go after some mathematical number, then we have got atleast some mystery already being
hidden behind, to know size of prime factors being hidden behind them, beneath, etc.

2,1277- being very much easier than RSA-1024; SNFS 385 ≈ GNFS 269 < GNFS 309
(2,1237-) SNFS 373 ?? not much of fun since one prime factor p70 is being revealed thereby
2,1123+ c338 no non-primitive prime factors being known away at all for this thing, either
2,1117- c337
2,2042 L/M SNFS 308
13,269- c299
L1277 / L1279 c267 / c268

[strike][COLOR=White]L1249, 3,607± being done away, either[/COLOR][/strike]

If RSA-1024 seems to be too drastic a jump, you still need GNFS candidates, numbers alone,
as yet, also a little big enough, as well, then,
, then, there exist definitely numbers like
such as including with

RSA-896 GNFS 270, not being a too drastic a jump, such as, like the RSA-1024, GNFS 309 at all
EM48 GNFS 256
10,383+ c230, definitely GNFS, being available with lowest possible GNFS/SNFS ratio, among other Cunninghams, is somewhat being equivalent to RSA-768 from within size & difficulty in terms
hardly only biggest GNFS being available with actually
[COLOR=White]to be being enough, is although, [/COLOR]
, maybe next possible step for Mersenne Forum stage after B200 c203, etc.
not a sudden drastic jerk as well, including RSA-1024 GNFS 309 at all

But still, RSA-896 is being a very much jump too also, as well, as yet[COLOR=White] at all[/COLOR]
as since there exist no intermediate RSA-832, RSA-960 at all, during first place

But potentially 10,383+ c230 maybe become a sudden ECM hit as well, after so many small
prime factors have been eliminated away for this thing by making usage for Elliptical curve method,
as well? For this thing, as well. Similar to things for 2,991± stuffs!

Or otherwise somebody maybe potentially try away in order to lead away with a somewhat practically potentially possible
challenging project probably - but perhaps try to finish away with Cunningham base 2 tables for 1000 bits

For this thing, as well, there exist alone 8 such items existing from within the + / - side,
as well,
2,929- 2,947- 2,991- 2,947+ 2,961+ 2,983+ 2,989+ 2,991+
But 11 such things, as such, stuffs being pending away from within 2 LM side tables to be being potentially
They are being listed away as follows
2,1846L 2,1874L 2,1894M 2,1898L 2,1898M 2,1906M 2,1934M 2,1942M 2,1954M 2,1978L 2,1982M

Raman 2012-07-25 13:14

Potentially, very much easier targets before, prior to RSA-1024 maybe
To complete this thing have been posted, to be mentioned above, as such maybe
To be good enough in order to having a crack for

Potentially speaking away, these are being greatly very much easier preliminary targets before, prior to RSA-1024 maybe

2,1277- SNFS 385 [COLOR=White](David Stevens !?)[/COLOR]
2,1237- SNFS 373
2,1193- SNFS 360 I am being very much aware for severe ECM resistance for this thingy, for at once
2,1123± SNFS 338 [COLOR=White](myself !!)[/COLOR]
2,1117- SNFS 337
7,379± SNFS 320 no non-primitive parts being known away at all for this thing, either
2,2042 L/M SNFS 308
13,269- SNFS 300
2,991- SNFS 299
2,947- SNFS 286
2,929- SNFS 280 is being totally neglected by Mr. Tom Womack, to be put altogether ??
L1279 SNFS 268
L1277 SNFS 267

[STRIKE][COLOR=Black][color="White"]L1249, 3,607± being done away, either[/COLOR][/color][/STRIKE]

RSA-1024 GNFS 309 [COLOR=White](Mr. Paul Leyland ?!)[/COLOR]
RSA-896 GNFS 270
EM48 GNFS 256 [COLOR=White](Mr. Bill Winslow ??)[/COLOR]
10,383+ GNFS 230

em99010pepe 2012-07-25 14:44

2,929- SNFS 280 is being totally neglected by Mr. Tom Womack, to be put altogether ??


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