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VinhAn 2007-08-06 14:12

A beginner need help!!!
Hi everyone, i just run Prime95 and the program said it can not contact with PrimeNet server! What should I do?
Thanks a lot.
Vinh An

petrw1 2007-08-06 22:20

Pardon if this sounds basic but:
- Can you connect to the internet?
- Can you get to the Mersenne web site itself: [url][/url]
- Are you always connected or do you have to sign on to connect?
- Do you have a firewall that might block connection to certain sites or at certain time of day?
- Are there any specific error messages other than what you mentioned?
- Did you get that error more than a couple times over a period of a couple hours? Sometimes the server is NOT available for a good reason.

VinhAn 2007-08-07 21:42

Thanks for your reply.
My computer always connect with the internet, no firewall at all, the program always say primenet error1, from the day that i installed the program, it can not connect with the server even a time...

petrw1 2007-08-09 19:57

Look at this first...
From the Frequently Asked Questions page:
I just upgraded my software, but my computer says "Unable to load HttpNet.DLL" or "Unable to load RpcNet.DLL" or Prime95 says "PrimeNet error 1". What should I do?

It's possible the DLL is corrupt in some way. Try unzipping a fresh copy of the file from the distribution zip file.

For Error 1: IE 4.0, IE 5.0, Win95 SR2, Win98 or WinNT libraries are required for most machines to properly use the HTTP protocol for PrimeNet. Some people have reported success with IE 3.0 equipped computers, but I have not tested this.

This allows 3 options:

(recommended) try the RPC protocol.

download and install MS Internet Explorer 5.0 (you don't need to use most of it, or not even the browser - if you prefer),

try downloading and installing the redistributable Internet software components packaged and licensed to us by Microsoft. The downloaded self-installing executables install the WinINET software layer and its supporting libraries, and make required registry settings. These components are included in later versions of Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, as well as Internet Explorer 3.0, and FrontPage 98.

Warning: When installing these components, never replace a file on your computer with an older file!

Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, download and run WinTdist.exe (U.S. English version)

Windows NT 3.51, download and run WinT351.exe (U.S. English version)

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