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fivemack 2007-06-15 18:30

Anyone going to Vienna in September?
Vienna seems a very pleasant part of the world, I haven't visited it yet, and there's a conference on special-purpose hardware for cryptography (likely therefore to consist mostly of entertainingly impractical presentations of number-field-sieve machines) there on 9th September which seems a fair excuse.

Will any of the other residents of this illustrious forum be at SHARCS 2007?

fivemack 2007-09-07 00:29

They're totally useless! I emailed back in June asking about registration, there was no registration link at the SHARCS website for ages, and now I discover it's 200 euros to register at the door. I'm interested in the conference, but two hundred euros is about what I'm spending on accommodation or on food for the whole vacation (I admit that youth hostels and restaurants in Bulgaria and Serbia are remarkably cheap; a hostel even in central Vienna is 25 euros a night).

Well, there's plenty to see in Vienna other than conferences ...

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