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antiroach 2004-07-18 21:15

Problem with mprime (Fixed with mprime -d)
Hey, i have trouble getting mprime to do work for LMH. FIrst off im a linux newbie. I'm running mandrake 10. I got mprime to execute just fine. I was able to input some user info and preferences and the like. I have a worktodo.ini file that i copied over from my windows installation. But whenever I copy that file into the mprime directory and run mprime, it just hangs. CPU usage is negligible, and no output is produced. Am I doing something wrong? My goal is to let mprime continue factoring the exponents in my worktodo.ini file and write the results out to file. Any help would be appreciated.

roy1942 2004-07-18 23:13

Maybe the problem is in the format of your worktodo.ini file. Remember that in Windows, a text line ends with a carriage-return + line-feed pair, while in linux/unix, it just ends with a line-feed. Some programs to transfer files between computers - like ftp in ascii mode - will take care of the conversion, but others may not. I don't know how prime95 or mprime behave if they read the wrong type of file, but perhaps that could be your problem.

antiroach 2004-07-19 04:07

wow i really should learn to read the documentation. ./mprime -d does wonders :)
Everything seems to be working now.

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