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EdH 2021-10-24 14:20

Can CADO-NFS Clients be Gracefully Halted Programmatically?
Once a client is invoked, it seems to continue until it receives a 410 signal from the server. If the server is halted prior to completion, that signal is never sent.

I can interrupt las via a kill PID, but the client isn't shut down. I have not found a PID for the client (.py).

For my polyselect only work, I have the server factor a small composite after the polyselect finishes, so the clients are released, but that has to come from the same source as the polyselect operation.

I'd rather find a way to gracefully close the clients that are searching for work, but a "kill" would probably be fine. I have to issue a CTRL-c at present. And, I have to do this individually for several machines. I'd prefer to do this via a script by ssh.

All thoughts welcome. . .

Happy5214 2021-11-07 03:01

[c]kill -s SIGINT <pid>[/c] would be the equivalent to Ctrl+C. I don't have any CADO-specific advice past that, as I'm still stuck on yafu/GGNFS.

EdH 2021-11-07 15:11


EdH 2021-11-18 14:48

I believe kruoli has provided the best answer for my need. That is to use "timeout" with my CADO-NFS clients. Although it isn't really a graceful exit, I can make it "seem" graceful with the "--preserve-status" option. But, the real plus is that it will work on the called process that I haven't been able to identify so I could "kill" it by other means.

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