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Unregistered 2009-11-09 17:19

unable to link V4 account
" Another v5 user has already linked to v4 user ID 'xxxx' " is what I see when doing this. How can I/you correct this.



Mini-Geek 2009-11-09 18:07

Is it possible that somebody has already linked the v4 account to a v5 account? Maybe you did it and forgot that you already made a v5 account, or maybe it's a team account. (recovering credit made as part of a v4 team requires the team leader to transfer the credit) If the latter (team) is the case, direct the team leader to [URL][/URL] and give him your v5 user ID.
If it really wasn't already linked, or was maliciously linked (e.g. somebody guessed your password), contact [URL=""]George Woltman[/URL] with both IDs (v4 and v5) and email address(es) and he should be able to get it all sorted out.

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