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talcum 2004-08-03 23:23

I found this post very useful.

But I had one more question I could not find the answer too. Im using mprime -b

my question is, is there a way to see the progress its making.. like the stuff it normally prints to the screen every 10,000 iterations while letting it remain in the background?


antiroach 2004-08-03 23:42

there are several ways i guess. you can pipe the output to a file ala

./mprime -b > output.file &

or you can use nohup.

"nohup ./mprime -b"

the output of the program is automatically sent to a file called nohup.out. hope this helps.

talcum 2004-08-04 01:09

i tried
"nohup ./mprime -b"
let it run for about 2 hours and the file was 0bytes
killed mprime and then tried
./mprime -b > output.file &
and the file is also 0bytes... probably cause there is nothing to pipe cause the -b hides all output?

any other alternatives?

Prime95 2004-08-04 01:40

Try the -d command line argument

talcum 2004-08-04 04:04

does the -d flag work with the -b flag? Im still not having any luck.
I access this machine remotely so it has to be in the background, im just nosey and like to see the progress/speeds from time to time.

patrik 2004-08-04 09:20

The -b suppresses the output. Use & to put it in the background instead, i.e. "./mprime -d &" or "nohup ./mprime -d &".

antiroach 2004-08-04 18:25

oh yeah thats right. i had the same problem when i first started mprime too. yeah you need the -d switch :o

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