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gd_barnes 2009-01-23 07:28

For new folks running the rally...
Welcome all new crunchers running clients in the upcoming rally! We're happy to have you here. :smile: If there are any questions, you can reach me by Email at:
gbarnes017 at gmail dot com

Here are some helpful hints for running clients on our servers.

Please make sure that David (Ironbits), our trusty server guy, has your Email address. He will add it to the server database and you will be automatically notified of any primes that you find.

When you find a prime, please go through the following steps:

1. Please check the bottom of [URL=""]this post[/URL] under "known primes not yet found" to see if your prime has been previously found.

2. Please enter the prime in our "report primes for k=1003-2000" thread [URL=""]here[/URL]. If in #1, your prime was previously found, please state: "1XXX*2^XXXXXX-1 is confirmed prime". If in #1, you find that your prime is new (i.e. not found in the list in #1), state the same thing without the "confirmed" part.

3. If your prime is new, please enter it into the top-5000 database [URL=""]here[/URL]. If you've never done that, there are instructions for doing it starting in the 3rd para. of [URL=""]this post[/URL]. Some people have said that the instructions are still kind of confusing so if you need help, please let us know.

I have already listed some confirmed primes found by a couple of others that weren't already reported in our primes thread to get you all started. If the primes had been new, I would have sent you a PM or Email. From this point forward, we'll let everyone report their own primes in that thead, new or confirmed. If it goes more than day without being reported, we'll let you know by PM or Email.

Thanks to all and good luck in the rally! :smile:


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