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petrw1 2009-12-28 21:32

My GIMPS "Old Gray Mare" is finished ...
My first PC to ever turn in a GIMPS result (September 2003) stopped working a couple weeks ago. After the Christmas excitement and a few of my own attempts to resusitate it I took it to the PC doctor.

He said the MB has several swoolen caps (capacitors).

i.e. the MB is dead.

Alas this PIV 2.4 Ghz PC ran Prime95 24 hours a day for over 6 years (almost 2,000,000 seconds) and produced over 2,000 Ghz/Days of work.

ixfd64 2010-04-09 06:10

I had to "decommission" a dual-core laptop today.

The computer didn't really belong to me; it was the property of my father's company. The laptop was in my possession for almost two years, but my father wanted to give it to a co-worker whose computer recently crashed. There's a good chance that my father will change jobs in the not-too-distant future, so I probably won't get the laptop back.

Because I will no longer have access to that computer, I thought it would be the best idea to remove Prime95 early on. Fortunately, I was able to successfully transfer the remaining assignments to my MacBook Pro.

rogue 2010-04-23 00:41

Have a Crappy Birthday
It was a less than optimal birthday for me. My wife and I are in the process of selling our house as we are looking for a four bedroom. We would like to take advantage of the tax credit, low interest rates, and our buying power to upgrade since it is a buyer's market.

We had a number of showings in the past week, a few of them were second showings. I had expected an offer or two by today because we were supposedly "top of the list" for those potential buyers. Our house is in immaculate condition. Being perfectionists (both my wife and I) we have kept the house in great condition meaning that someone moving in won't have to do any major work outside of potentially replacing carpeting in one room. We have yet to get an offer. The potential buyers want things that our house doesn't have, such as a first floor master bedroom or a master bath. These are things I can do nothing about. If such things are so important, why would these people want a second showing?

In the interim, since we are expecting an offer, we have been looking at homes. Of the fifty or so homes in our area within our price range with four bedrooms, only two really strike us as what we want. We have been disappointed in the lack of features in most of the other houses. They have really small kitchens or lack a master bath or have really poor layouts on the main floor. Some are too old or have a short basement (both of us are tall). Anyways I found out today that both of the houses we are interested in have accepted offers as of today. This means that even if we get an offer on our house that there is nothing that really appeals to us in the market.

I should probably amend what I just said. One of the two homes does not have an offer yet (that I am aware of, but someone else is interested), but it would cost in the range of $20K to fix the problems it has this year and in buying it I might not have the cash to address those problems. I can't lock in a rate (which is low now, but is going up) because the bank (it is a foreclosed property) refuses to close before July 1st (thus eliminating the tax credit).

My wife was interested in two other homes, but one now has an accepted offer and the other has restrictions that prevent us from having an above ground pool.

Personally the tax credit isn't too important to me, but since my current home could be considered a "starter house", I expected an offer to a first time buyer. If I don't get any offers by April 30th, then I don't expect any in the near future. Part of me doesn't really want to get an offer because there is nothing we are interested in. Part of me now wants to get out of this house because I feel it is unsell-able even though it is 10% below assessed value and below median market value for comparable homes.

To top all of this off, my lawn mower, a two year old Toro, decided to spring a significant gas leak. I haven't even used it yet this spring, but now will be without it for at least a week. I'm certain than any showings this weekend will be helped by the unkempt grass...

I can say one thing about this birthday, I am no longer 29, but fortunately I haven't reached 30 yet either...

Uncwilly 2010-04-23 01:49

[QUOTE=rogue;212883]It was a less than optimal birthday for me.[/QUOTE]My most recent birthday, I was very sick with food poisoning. Not of much use to dog or man. A few years back I was woken by the police pounding on my door, before 3 a.m. Looking through the peephole and seeing "the king's men" waiting for you to open is not how I pictured the day going.

Primeinator 2010-04-23 22:44

M53101141 is not prime :(

rogue 2010-05-13 12:51

As I relayed above, my house is on the market. That might be ending shortly. I work up this morning to find water in my basement. :ouch2:

The water came in through a window well that didn't have a cover (and hasn't had one in a number of years). I will put a cover over it, but I don't know if that will be enough. I have never had water in my basement (in 11 years). We have had a lot of rain here in the past few days, but nothing unusual for spring. The weathermen have stated that we have only had two inches of rain since Tuesday (one inch in the wee hours of this morning). That cannot be right. With flash flood watches, covered roads, and a lot of standing water, we must have had at least two inches this morning alone.

Anyways, we need to talk to some people to see what is necessary to address this problem. If I'm lucky, it will be as inexpensive as the cover for the window well (which I just realized is named appropriately). It could be more expensive, such as excavating part of my lawn to introduce other methods of remediation. No matter what we do or have to do, it will make my house harder to sell. I'm thinking about taking it off the market for a year or more to fix the problem and know that it has been fixed.

There are two positives with this though. First, it isn't sewage. Second, if I had sold the house and this happened to the new owners, I would probably get sued, which happened to my wife after she sold her old house when we got married, but that is another story.

bsquared 2010-05-13 13:04

[QUOTE=rogue;214942]As I relayed above, my house is on the market. That might be ending shortly. I work up this morning to find water in my basement. :ouch2:

You have my sympathy. This happened to my wife and I when we sold our first house, when the sump overflowed the weekend before the house was to be listed.

We were more lucky though, on several counts. First, the sump only overflowed because we were gone that weekend and I had left the sump pump unplugged (thus we knew the reason for the water). Second, there was very little damage since the area of the basement containing the sump was uncarpeted. And third, it was caused by a historic rainfall - 12+ inches in a span of 30 hours.

The house sold 48 hours after we listed it (this was circa 2007).

Uncwilly 2010-05-13 21:12

[QUOTE=rogue;214942]I have never had water in my basement (in 11 years). We have had a lot of rain here in the past few days, but nothing unusual for spring.[/QUOTE]The term "100 year flood" new to you?

Flatlander 2010-05-24 22:08

Martin Gardner died on Saturday. :down:

I think my copy of "Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions" eventually fell apart through my constant thumbing through.

Random Poster 2010-05-25 09:16

[quote=Flatlander;215989]Martin Gardner died on Saturday. :down:[/quote]
As has been discussed [URL=""]in another thread[/URL].

Flatlander 2010-05-25 10:41

Ah, thanks. I have the Extra Stuff sub-forum collapsed. :smile:

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