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eepiccolo 2003-04-23 19:47

Welcome to the Teams Section!
Greetings and Welcome!

In this forum, you can come and promote and recruit for your GIMPS team. I'm not actually a member of any team, and I suppose now I should keep it that way to avoid conflicts of interest :) .

In another sticky thread, you can find a list of teams who have sent me information about themselves.

If you want your team on the list, PM me or send me an e-mail. Send me your team name (both the actual name and the team name in GIMPS/Primenet), a url, and if you want, a ten word or less description. The description can be something like "Help destroy the evil Team Prime Rib" ;) . You can also send me an e-mail address you want listed.

Don't forget, you can always put up your own posts to recruit for you team.

Signing out...


eepiccolo 2003-05-13 11:52

I also like to state that if any teams want to establish a perpetual thread, go right ahead. Also, you can go ahead and make any sort of posts just for your team, but indicate in the subject line what team the post is for. I'm thinking here along the lines of what Ars Technica has done. Here is the example: [url][/url].

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