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paulunderwood 2003-04-11 00:56

Prime found
Earlier today, team member Thomas Ritschel informed me that he had found a probable prime and had twice proved it prime, with Proth.exe and PFGW. He has now submitted the number to the top 5000 primes and this 70,671 digit prime goes in at position 481. Well done Thomas with your first submittable titanic prime! The number is:


garo 2003-04-11 23:01

Congratulations Thomas!!

paulunderwood 2003-05-20 19:10

Congratulations to Paul Jobling who found a prime number :D

It will go in at position 134 in the top five thousand primes table. The number has 124,880 digits:


TTn 2003-05-21 23:45

Allright! ;) :shock:

Hopefully you get a few more, under a million n.

Now 15k is challenged :exclaim:

paulunderwood 2003-08-19 18:43

Sergey Kochergin's LLR result file contained a nice suprise when I checked it:

[Sun Aug 3 04:38:59 2003]
3*2^584995-1 is prime! Time : 4435.629 sec.

This special number has 176,102 decimal digits and will go into the top 5000 primes at position 102 :)

paulunderwood 2003-11-13 10:48

I just got a email from Thomas Ritschel saying he has discovered our 4th prime. It has 211,325 digits and will go into the top5000 primes at position 57. :showoff: The prime is:


Citrix 2003-11-19 03:08

Project code on
How do you start a project on the website such that people submitting primes from that project can give credit to the project.

The Project I am working on is located at

We just found our first prime!

:cool: :cool: :cool:

paulunderwood 2003-11-19 12:26

[QUOTE]How do you start a project on the website such that people submitting primes from that project can give credit to the project[/QUOTE]

For a start, go to:


You will probably need to create a "New Pover Account" and then maybe email Chris Caldwell through "mail editor" at the side of this page. Good luck!

[QUOTE]We just found our first prime![/QUOTE]

A big congratulations. Hope you solve your problem.

Citrix 2003-12-02 04:20

New Forum

With the help of the people at the PSP project has a new forum. The new forum is located at:-

[url][/url] :bounce:

Please visit. :rolleyes:

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Citrix 2003-12-12 16:20

Another prime
We found another prime!:grin:

Please visit :

:cool: :cool: :cool:

paulunderwood 2004-01-23 19:53

I have just recieved an email from long-standing participant Luigi Morelli (ET) informing me he has found a new 321 prime. I am so glad that Luigi and his 1 GHz Athlon have eventually found a prime, one with 219060 digits :bounce:

The prime is:


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