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GP2 2003-11-19 01:30

5.98M to 6.0M: redoing factoring to 62 bits
Some exponents in the 5.98M to 6.0M range were not properly factored to 62 bits. Following up on dswanson and garo's suggestions, I have just found 3 new factors of 53 bits in this range.

See this post: [url][/url]
and its accompanying thread and graph.

If you want to help re-factor these to 62 bits, check out the [url=]Marin's Mersenne-aries subforum[/url]

They are split up into sets of 50-100 for quick turnover.

Note: all of these exponents have already been LL-tested and verified twice, so strictly speaking this doesn't advance GIMPS.

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