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fivemack 2011-12-16 21:38

Low-powered motherboard of adequate capability sought
I'm looking for something with:

* 6 SATA ports
* Runs current Ubuntu from a USB stick
* Can serve NFS over gigabit ethernet at reasonable (>20MB/sec) speed

At the moment I'm using a whole Q6600 with 8G memory for this - my last-but-two desktop PC. This is sub-optimal because it uses quite a lot of electricity, and constantly tempts me to run sieving jobs or aliquot-sequence searches on it rather than just having it sit and serve NFS, DHCP and DNS, and ftp and http to the outside world.

[url][/url] is my current thought.

henryzz 2011-12-21 19:26

syd claims to have a Q6700 system down to 90 watts. Could you do similar or even better? Underclocking and undervolting the cpu could reduce temptation to sieve on it. I don't know whether this would interfere with to work you actually want done on it.


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