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wombatman 2017-06-27 14:15

GTX 980 Ti water cooling
Any recommendations on a water cooling setup for an EVGA GTX 980 Ti? EVGA used to sell an all-in-one setup, but no more. All-in-one is preferable so as to minimize the risk of screwing something up, but I'll happily entertain all suggestions. :smile:

mackerel 2017-06-27 14:42

Check if EK make a full cover waterblock for it, and if you can still get it. Then combine it with one of their kits. This isn't a cheap solution but takes most of the part selection work away. You might need extra plugs/connectors/hose to add the waterblock to the kits, check what is supplied.

Do NOT get the newer low cost one based on aluminium, as mixing that and copper will be bad.

jwaltos 2017-06-27 15:01

I have been using a 4-way SLI with 970's using 16 cores (hyperthreaded and overclocked) cooled with a cheap Mastercraft utility fan (settings 0-3) in 85-90 degree heat. The side panel of the Corsair case is removed and the air is funneled appropriately. If the fan dies then your rig will blow up, that's the only downside.
Keep an eye on condensation and power drawn (How much are your calculations worth to you?) There have been been some excellent discussions in this forum on cooling.. Peltier plates, etc...

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