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theedge 2003-12-19 01:22

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Would you say my system is stable?

outlnder 2003-12-19 01:58

Try going to "Option" then "Torture Test", click on Larger FFTs and run for 12 hours. If you get no errors then go for it.

If you are joining the Gimps effort, do about 5 to 10 DoubleChecks just to be sure you machine is good. DoubleChecks will be compared as soon as you complete them. If they match the original, then your machine is great.

clowns789 2003-12-20 00:33

How is the border silver? Mine's blue.

outlnder 2003-12-20 01:36

He set a different color scheme.

E_tron 2003-12-21 06:54

right click on your desktop then hit properties. then hit the appearance tab. there you should see color scheme drop down box. from there choose silver.

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