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Jean Penné 2011-06-16 20:05

LLR 3.8.6 Development version
Hi All,

LLR 3.8.6 Development version is available to download from my development directory :

[url][/url] is the Windows console application.

[url][/url] is the Windows GUI application.

[url][/url] is the Linux one, dynamically linked.

[url][/url] is the Linux one, statically linked.

- The two (mutually exclusive) options -oRising_ns=1 and -oRising_ks=1 have been added in this development version. They allow to process an input file while it is sieved by another process of the same machine (LLR closes the file during the test of the current candidate, to allow its updating by the sieve). I hope this new feature will be useful for huge primes hunters...

Best Regards,

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