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bsquared 2022-11-14 14:15

[QUOTE=richs;617720]I sieved an Aliquot C141 using Yafu 2.0 and when the filtering ran, every relation was an error -11. Looking at the .fb file below, somehow Yafu did not include skew, rlim, frmax, famax, srlpmax, or salpmax.

[CODE]N 379940961516713825613865981760557035526784109230555165792877792447392213895676955608876175676740458184733360391979563490370537264576678836483
A0 17921599049871804734714330370707400
A1 884689986849071910726068107020
A2 1004298442072520798460436
A3 -54583391456339434
A4 -93062625051
A5 9180
R0 -2105596592265349121584460471
R1 1152139905935473[/CODE]

I got it to work by adding skew and the other parameters to the .fb file and running Yafu 1. I'm not sure if this was my error or if Yafu 2.0 did not include the parameters for some odd reason.[/QUOTE]

None of those parameters are needed for filtering, which is the only place .fb files are used. The .job file is where the ggnfs equivalent to those parameters are filled in, for sieving. I don't know why or how filling those parameters in here would cause it to work, or not, for either version. Usually when tons of -11's happen it's because a previous job didn't get cleared out somehow (power loss, job killed, etc.).

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