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no1hasdisid 2013-05-06 03:41

"ERROR: Unable to open spool file."
I have been running the prime95.exe, and has been working, but in the "Communication thread" part in the window it says ""ERROR: Unable to open spool file." I am currently part of the team "Optimists Prime" and my computer's work has not been displayed on my profile or on my team. [B]Any way to fix this?[/B] If any more information is needed, please ask. Thank you in advance!

Batalov 2013-05-06 05:24

Sometimes this error may be the consequence of running prime95 right out of the ZIP file that was downloaded. Another reason could be that the program is installed in a folder where you don't have write permissions (e.g. a system folder when you are not the admin on the computer). Yet another reason could be that your disk is full (or quota exceeded if it is set for your account).

[U]Solution[/U]: unzip the downloaded file into "My Documents" folder, or into a folder on your Desktop. Then run the program from it. First, in that folder, try right-click, "New :: Text Document", and then edit this new document and then see if this operation fails. If you can create and edit a text document, then Prime95.exe will be able to do this, too.

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