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Jeff Gilchrist 2004-09-25 11:38

The factors of 11,199-
Hot off the press:

The NFSNet Factoring Group is pleased to announce the completion of the factorization of 11^199-1.

With this result, we believe that the Cunningham Tables are now complete for all exponents through 200.

Factorization completed at Sat Sep 25 01:26:33 2004 Original number had 173 digits:

Probable prime factor 1 has 68 digits:

Probable prime factor 2 has 105 digits:

I would like to thank all of the individuals who assisted in the effort.
A formal announcement will follow.

Richard Wackerbarth[/QUOTE]

R.D. Silverman 2004-09-27 14:01


Can you post the details of the linear algebra? How big was the
matrix? What was its density? How long did it take to solve? etc.


dleclair 2004-09-27 23:40

Here are some details from Richard about the linear algebra:

We collected about 46.1 million relations. After filtering these were reduced to a matrix with dimensions 2387874 x 2390123. The matrix weight was 91470168.

Total time to solve the matrix on one CPU of Richard's G5 PowerMac was 824595 seconds (about 9.5 days).

-Don Leclair

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