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MattcAnderson 2021-01-25 00:11

constant OEIS sequences
The OEIS (Online Encyclopedia of IInteget Sequences) has a lot of interesting sequences. If the game is constant sequences, then look at this:


Where cccccc is the six digit serial number of the little sequence


Zeros. A000004
Ones A000012
Twos A007393
Threes. A010701
Fours. A010709
Fives. A010716

Sixes. A010722
Sevens. A010727
Eights. A010731
Nines. A010734

This data is of marginal importance, but it is there.

That is a good place to stop

LaurV 2021-01-25 03:03

[QUOTE=MattcAnderson;570053]The OEIS (Online Encyclopedia of IInteget (sic) Sequences) [/QUOTE]
Huh? :shock:

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