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10metreh 2009-07-09 08:56

[quote=gd_barnes;180300]But that's my whole point. Why I have 2 separate listings? If I'm an average searcher, I may not know ahead of time whether I want to take them beyond 100 digits.

Personally, I will always take them higher to a factor that is a hard C>=100 hence the size will always be > 100 but others may not know ahead of time. So does that mean that none of my >200K reservations go here?

So my question again is: What is the reasoning behind 2 listings for the same sequence range? Why not a one-stop shop? I'm curious more than anything how this was decided upon. Did I miss a posting somewhere?[/quote]

henryzz and I had a discussion via PMs about what we were going to do about the 200k range. We decided that we should have one thread for the sequences that will only go to 100 digits. Wolfgang was working on the 210k-250k range, but he gave up for various reasons, so we've taken the range instead. This means we need to get all the sequences up to 250k to 100 digits. This thread is for the sequences that are part of this project. (Maybe I should make the title clearer.) The main reservations thread is for the sequences that have already reached 100 and are being taken further. Henryzz will keep track of this range.

[B]I am counting this range as high priority, so my advice is: only take sequences beyond 100 if they look good. We need to get more sequences to 100, not get the existing ones to 110.[/B]

So, basically: this thread is for the "210k-250k to 100 digits" subproject of the main project.

kar_bon 2009-07-09 09:07

i've taken some seqs from the upper bound (248k<n<250k) upto about 100 digits but not reserved somewhere, because they don't take so long.
i will continue some more downwards the n-range.

BTW: after checking all new posts here, i'll update the summary with more new data.

gd_barnes 2009-07-09 09:12

Ah, thank you 10metreh. Now I understand the background behind all of this. The name of the thread explains things better now.

It's really a mess...trying to bring together so many other's disparate efforts, several of which it sounds like they are not easily coming off of the files that would have been produced from them. It's a great work that you guys are doing here.

This effort reminds me a little of the "No prime left behind" prime search project that I'm an admin for. We try to fill in the 'holes' of Riesel primes that others have left behind from numerous wide-ranging efforts; hence the name. Besides the mathematical curiosity behind the sequences, the filling in of holes, i.e. sequences that are a little lower searched than their neighbors, kind of drew my attention here.

I didn't realize that I was doing the "low priority" stuff. :-) With the limit I use, I end up testing most to an average size of around 108-112 somewhere. I guess I want to see some of the lower sequences get cracked since there are so many of them, as hopeless as many of them are. I was SO close on 233324. :-)

10metreh 2009-07-09 09:34

As you will see, I have added a list of the unreserved sequences below 230k which have not yet reached 100 digits ("unworked" sequences). There are also four sequences below 230k which have reached 100 but have no files available. If anyone is willing to redo those, I'd be grateful.

Edit: someone's filled them in in the database (I don't know when). Thanks!

mklasson 2009-07-09 12:15

Ooh, fun! I'll take 4: 228504, 229224, 229266, 229516.

mklasson 2009-07-09 14:15

That went well. Pass me two more: 228060, 228366.

bsquared 2009-07-09 14:26

Sheesz, this seems like the place to be!

I'll try 227220.

Mini-Geek 2009-07-09 14:26

Taking 220932 and 221130.

jrk 2009-07-09 17:28

Taking 223632

10metreh 2009-07-09 17:56

One thing: please make it clear when sequences reach 100. Henryzz and I don't spend hours every day looking through Syd's database.

henryzz 2009-07-09 18:12

[quote=10metreh;180363]One thing: please make it clear when sequences reach 100. Henryzz and I don't spend hours every day looking through Syd's database.[/quote]
agreed although i will probably keep an eye on the sequences near 100 digits

also something that need clearing up:
when i add a reservation i check its status in the database i have often found in this thread that there is only 50 iterations there or maybe the sequence starter has been run in the database
what should i do?
there seems little point in adding status when it doesn't even go to 10 digits
when should i start adding status for a sequence?
please bear in mind that it takes time to add the status for a sequence and 10metreh and i don't want to spend all day adding useless statuses when you reserve several sequences
i would feel inclined to say not to bother before 80 digits since it doesnt take me long to get up to there

50 digits is what i have been doing so far

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