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gd_barnes 2011-07-21 19:53

Bases 101-250 reservations/statuses/primes
Please use this thread for posting reservations, statuses, and primes on bases 101-250 for "Conjectures 'R Us".

rogue 2011-07-21 21:04

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S227 completed to n=200000. No primes. Residues and sieve file attached.

gd_barnes 2011-07-22 05:23

Reserving R157, R187, and S165 to n=100K.

Rincewind has base S165 reserved to n=50K so I will test it for n=50K-100K.

Rincewind 2011-07-23 20:37

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Here are the results for n=35.000. (for n=40.000 follow in the next post)

550*165^39769+1 is prime

I think it is not very effective to continue with this range with my hardware (it looks like I'm slowing down the process of the whole project), so I'll release the rest of the range.
But I'll look if I can do something else.


Rincewind 2011-07-23 20:39

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And here comes the rest.

gd_barnes 2011-07-23 22:02

OK I'll increase my reservation on S165 to include n=40K-100K. Now with only 6 k's remaining and it only needing one more prime, there is a very high chance that it can be included in the new PRPnet server <= 5k effort.

gd_barnes 2011-07-26 01:14

R157 is complete to n=100K; no primes were found for n=50K-100K; 6 k's remain; base released.

I had a 2 in 3 chance of finding a prime in this range and adding the base to the new PRPnet drive. No such luck. I'm now working on R187, which is very similar to R157. It also has 6 k's remaining at n=50K and is just barely higher average weight. It has about a 7 in 10 chance of prime.

gd_barnes 2011-07-29 01:01

R187 is complete to n=100K; no primes were found for n=50K-100K; 6 k's remain; base released. :-(

Amazingly with only approximately a 1 in 10 chance of both R157 and R187 having zero primes for n=50K-100K, it came to pass leaving them each with 6 k's remaining and excluding both from the upcoming PRPnet drive.

I'm now working on S165 that has 6 k's remaining at n=40K. With a lower starting search depth and a much heavier weight base, I'll start to think something is wrong with my machines if it doesn't yield a prime for n=40K-100K.

Mini-Geek 2011-08-01 02:13

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S118 complete to n=200K, no primes. Results attached

gd_barnes 2011-08-01 02:40

S165 is complete to n=100K; 2 primes were found for n=40K-100K shown below; 4 k's remain; base released.


This base is now officially added to the PRPnet 2 drive.

gd_barnes 2011-08-01 03:01

R123 has been released at n=100K due to lack of activity in 6 months and response to PMs over several weeks.

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