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wildrabbitt 2019-02-24 10:46

access to windows machine files from ubuntu machine

I've got a ubuntu machine on which I do lots of different things. It's the machine I use most.

I've also got a windows machine (Windows 10 Pro) which I need for printing
and using certain software.

I'm having trouble getting access to files on the windows machine from the ubuntu machine so I've been using a pendrive to transfer files.

When I was using windows 7, it used to show up under Other Locations on this machine. I didn't have to learn anything to get access to the files on it and this saved a lot of trouble. Things aren't so easy this time with windows 10.
Both machines are plugged into the same router (modem).

Does anyone know what I need to do?

NookieN 2019-02-24 18:34

You'll need to share a folder or drive in Windows, or alternately enable Windows administrative shares (e.g. [url][/url]). Those will give you access to all drives (C: would be C$) but you should only do that on a local and trusted network.

In a modern version of linux the command to mount the Windows share would be in the form:

mount -t cifs //<windows machine name>/<share name> <linux mount path> -o uid=<linux username>,username=<windows username>,password=<windows password>


mount -t cifs //primer/c$ /mnt/c -o uid=wildrabbit,username=wildrabbit,password=secret

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