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LaurV 2021-04-22 15:45

more yolo...
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Related to the discussion started in the [URL=""]YOLO thread[/URL], we put some posts and photos there, but we don't want to mess Mike's build much, so we decided from now on to put our posts related to the subject (new build) in a place, for easy reference later, etc... We already have a place here in the blog.


So, we think we will stop here, and keep the 2x1080Ti in the drawer for now. We found that the 1080Ti's don't work great with the 2080Ti's, moreover, we like the space in between, the sync of the light (the 1080s have no lights) for all the fans (CPU, GPUs, mobo), memories, etc. Additional, this will make our cooling design easier (less fans to mount in the case, etc), easier cable management, and most important, will keep our current power supply. With four GPUs we would need an upgrade of the juice provider, to be on the safe side (and the 2x1080Ti is about 620 Watts more, those basta's are power hungry modafunkers...).

OTOH, this is bad news: it means we need to dig out one of our old mobos and make a new system :razz:. We have about everything we need, except for a CPU cooler, if we start digging in the rubbish boxes. Or possible, order a 2011 Xeon E5 toy (put our money where our mouth was where [URL=""]we were commenting[/URL] in that thread). We don't know yet, but it would be a pity to waste the two ten-eighties.

LaurV 2021-07-22 09:24

Aliexpress targetting ads
Don't know where to put this funny story, I will put it here as it is related to those LGA2011 mobos.

Some time ago I bought from Aliexpress a small trowel, that type which is used to scratch away the putty or the silicon glue that you fill between the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. Yeah, I know you can do that with an old credit card, or even with your finger, but this tool is very nice, the blade (spatula) is from steel and it has some silicone rubber around, to avoid scratching the wall/floor, and a nice plastic handler, easy to use, and everything for a dollar or so, I honestly don't know how those people make their profit. But that is another story. So, I had to do some construction work around, and bought the toy, which proved indeed better than the plastic card and other improvised tools I used in the past. If you need to nail something, buy a hammer, not a screwdriver.

I also look quite often for "real" hardware, like mainboards and gpu cards, water cooling stuff, etc. I don't buy them, unless the deal seems really good or I desperately need something, but looking is for free. The idea is that I search for a lot of things, very high tech, even if I don't really buy them, sometimes to stay in touch with technology and prices, or just to "wash my eyes" (and kill my liver with envy, haha).

Well, today I opened Aliexpress and clicked on "my orders" (still waiting for something, unrelated) and seen the old order with the small trowel, but first I didn't know what that was, the small thumbnail photo in the finished orders list didn't made it very clear, and I clicked on it to see what the hack it that what I bought in the past for one dollar. I totally forgot about it, as it is not something I buy every day.

Then it opened, and I saw what it was. Yeah, it was me who bough that, they didn't cheat me.

But what is funny, bottom side of the page, I got the usual advertising: "People who bought this trowel also bought:", and a list of dual-CPU mainboards and GPU cards followed :lol: :missingteeth: For whatever reason I couldn't stop laughing for few minutes.

Something tells me that's not true... :razz:

petrw1 2021-07-22 14:31

I'm thinking of never doing a Google search again... the trolling is like a bad rash.

Uncwilly 2021-07-22 14:59

[QUOTE=petrw1;583773]I'm thinking of never doing a Google search again...[/QUOTE]In my browser I have set my default search agent to duck duck go . com

a1call 2021-07-22 16:15

IIRC Google had more than 1M searches the very 1st day it launched/Patented-its-algo.
To this day I have no clue how they did that and virtually overnight made AltaVista, Yahoo and all other Search-Engines obsolete. Simple restraint by couple/100/1M users is not likely to affect their dominance.:smile:

M344587487 2021-07-22 16:25

DDG is my default and works for 98% of queries, but google undeniably uses a better algorithm and/or has a better database to work with, it picks up any slack.

S485122 2021-07-22 16:46

Not sure it is the search engine alone : the asocial media also thrive on spying and monitoring their victims or users. The fact that they herd the users into "like minded" flocks helps explaining those "coincidences".


retina 2021-07-22 16:51

[QUOTE=S485122;583783]... the [b]asocial[/b] media ...[/QUOTE]I think you misspelled [b]antisocial[/b]. :razz:

a1call 2021-07-22 17:11

Hey, I found this with a Google search, I think it's appropriate here:

You will be assimilated resistance is futile.

Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.



Nick 2021-07-22 17:20

[QUOTE=a1call;583779]To this day I have no clue how they did that[/QUOTE]
The first version was made while they were still at Stanford and the algorithm is therefore public.
Then they turned it into an American corporation...

LaurV 2021-07-23 02:47

To make it clear, in my case was not gugu search, but the aliexpress marketing machine. They do a "good" job... (of pushing construction workers to buy dual-CPU mainboards, haha...)

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