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Ken_g6 2009-09-06 18:57

Reserving 40T-45T [Range 1] Ken_g6

cipher 2009-09-06 19:07

In range 1 we have:
21282782 falctors total
16429092 factored numbers
39248305 numbers total in 480000-484999.txt

~77.2% of factors are not duplicate.
~41.9% of numbers in 480000-484999.txt have been factored.[/quote]

Thanks Gribozavr, I send a PM to MooMOOO it looks like he is nowhere to be found also. Can any one else take over stats and Range Reserve/completion duties? Can you Gribozavr?


Joshua2 2009-09-06 19:26

If it is possible I would like to be added a moderator to help out with this thread. All ranges complete, reserving 45-65T
[url][/url] for both previous ranges

cipher 2009-09-07 05:28

Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 480000<n<485000:
Range Reserved By Status
6T-10T cipher complete
10T-12T joshua2 complete
12T-15T joshua2 complete
15T-17T cipher complete
17T-22T ken_g6 complete
22T-25T amphoria complete
25T-35T joshua2 complete
35T-40T cipher in progress
40T-45T ken_g6 in progress
45T-65T joshua2 in progress
65T+ available
[/code]Sieve reservations for 1<k<10M, 485000<n<490000:
Range Reserved By Status
1-10G various (see below) complete
10G-11G cipher complete
11G-50G cipher complete
50G-55G MooooMoo complete
55G-100G Mini-Geek complete
100G-150G Mini-Geek complete
150G-200G mdettweiler complete
200G-400G Mini-Geek complete
400G-500G mdettweiler complete
500G-600G MooooMoo complete
600G-1000G pschoefer complete
1000G-1200G amphoria complete
1200G-1500G amphoria complete
1500G-2000G amphoria complete
2000G+ available

1500G+ available

[/code]Since moomooo is not updating Range/Reserved Here is the continuation and updated one.

I have not updated the stats, but if any one wants to update it and post it feel free. If there is any error in range reserved etc please let me know.
Thanks cipher

Ken_g6 2009-09-07 16:57

40T - 45T [url=]complete[/url] (Range 1)

Joshua2 2009-09-08 17:27

45-65T complete 1.45 factors / second. Reserving 65-90T

Joshua2 2009-09-09 08:30

are all 3.6.4 versions the same speed? I had downoaded something slightly different I think. I'm going to try a X2 Neo and see how it does and it seemed the file was different when I downloaded it here. I run x64 on my C2Q and Neo. Any optimized versions? I have visual studio if that helps.
reserve 2t-10t range 2

Ken_g6 2009-09-09 15:09

0.3.4/0.3.4a versions should be the same. I made a couple of minor tweaks that shouldn't affect the binaries at all a day or two ago. The _x64 versions are the fastest; -sse2 versions are 80% as fast, but work on 32-bit; and the plain 32-bit version is slow.

You might be seeing the difference that P size makes. Speed is proportional to log2(P/kmax), for P > 2*kmax.

Edit: Optimized versions for X2? No; but I benchmarked the 32-bit versions on an Athlon64. I expect it's about half as fast clock-for-clock as Core 2; but I would be curious whether the SSE2 version is faster than the 64-bit version (which I didn't try.)

Joshua2 2009-09-09 19:14

I'm getting 6.7M p/sec ~2T on range 2 on the Neo X2 64 bit. It is a ultraportable chip competitor to the Atom running on like 10W-15W. 256kb cache was a tad faster even though it has 512kb. I doubled the block size and made the checkpointing less often as well, cause I figured that would make it a little faster.

Ken_g6 2009-09-09 19:47

Did you try the 32-bit SSE2 version? It actually looks to be faster on my Athlon64!

Joshua2 2009-09-10 04:14

That raised it to 10.15M p/sec!

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