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Dr Sardonicus 2018-09-22 00:18

[QUOTE=Spherical Cow;479333]I'm really impressed she can do this, but our cat now jumps from a chair to the top of the pantry door, and somehow balances up there. It might be because the clock plays a different bird call each hour on the hour, and she's wondering where all those birds are. Or, she's just really concerned about what time it is.

Norm[/QUOTE]Looks like it's about ten minutes to mourning-dove o'clock...

rogue 2019-07-14 22:26

Ziggy, the bengal we have been fostering since November, has been adopted. She is a super-friendly cat who loves to be picked up and enjoys a warm lap for a nap. Since she is in the early stages of renal failure, we didn't know if anyone was willing to take her and handle the medical conditions considering nobody knows how much time she has left. From what we have heard, she is very happy at her new home and the adopter got attached to her quickly.

Interestingly two days later another foster opportunity came up. This bengal was a stray with no name, so we will call him Squeaky as he has a squeaky voice. He was a house cat as he is front-paw declawed. We're uncertain how long he was on the streets, but I'm guessing a few weeks in the minimum as he is pretty thin and has lost a lot of hair on his chest and front legs. We suspect that he has feline leukemia, which would be unfortunate. As soon as we brought him home he was talking to us and looking for a lap. He gives lots of kitty-kisses. If he has leukemia then he won't be adoptable. As it is very contagious, he hasn't been introduced to our resident bengal Dinky. The rescue agency will require us to put Squeaky down. The sad thing about that is that he is very mellow (compared to other bengals) and would probably do better with Dinky than any of the other fosters we have had in the past two years.

rogue 2019-08-21 20:12

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In the last month we have brought three more Bengals into our house for fostering. The one on the right is Apollo. He was a stray. We didn't know his real name, but my boys wanted the name Apollo in reference to the Moon landing in 1969 as we picked him about on the 50th anniversary of it. They overrode my desire to call him Hermes, after the Greek god who had sandals with wings. Not a bad name for a cat that likes to jump up to high surfaces. He is about 10 and deaf. He spends most of his time in our bedroom, but we are trying to acclimate the resident cat to him. We might adopt him.

The other two are Timmy (in the cat-TV) and Tommy (meowing for attention), who are brothers. This is the second time they have been fostered this year as the previous adopter let them out and didn't want them back. Timmy is a snuggler who enjoys warm laps for a nap. Tommy won't snuggle as much as Timmy, but he will stand in front of you meowing hoping for a face rub. Both cats are lean, but you can feel their muscles when you pick them up. I wouldn't be shocked if they could jump 6 feet or more vertically. We can't see any issues with them, so we don't know why the previous adopter let them doesn't want them back. My wife wants to keep them as well, but that isn't likely to happen.

kladner 2019-08-21 21:00

[QUOTE=Uncwilly;496469]Camo much?[/QUOTE]
I had to study to find the cat.

Dr Sardonicus 2019-08-23 15:13

In Memoriam, Samisen
When dinosaurs ruled the earth, and I was in grade school, my parents got my younger sister a cat, something she wanted very much. It was a "seal point" Siamese, that sometimes went cross-eyed. It got the name Samisen (A Japanese musical instrument), apparently because Siamese cats have such "musical" voices. We invariably called him "Sami" (rhymes with "Tommy"). In subsequent years, scenes in TV programs with mooing cows would sometimes prompt remarks like, "Sounds like a herd of Siamese cats."

Sami proved to have a quite remarkable temperament and "personality."

He would, for example, flop on his back and allow us to take his front paws in one hand, his rear paws in the other, and raise him up, hanging upside-down like "a two-toed sloth," placidly looking around until being lowered gently to the floor.

He also enjoyed being made dizzy. This was accomplished by cradling him in our arms and whirling 'round and 'round. We did this many times. He never made the slightest effort to resist or escape. When he was put back on the floor, he would stagger around, eyes hopelessly crossed.

He figured out -- somehow -- when we were about to return from school, and, shortly before, would come and wait near the door. Other times, if one of us came in while he was at the other end of the house, he would run to greet us. We marveled at how thunderous a house cat could be at full gallop.

One time my sister was called away while cleaning the litter tray. She had gotten the tray cleaned out but hadn't yet refilled it. During this time, Sami had to "go." He backed into the bag with the old litter, and did his business there!

He also helped Mom with her sewing, which she did in a room with a linoleum floor, on which she laid out sewing patterns. Sami figured out that it was great fun to get on the empty chair, and then jump onto a pattern, which would go sliding across the floor.

Dad often expressed distaste for cats, saying things like "Kill the cat!" or suggesting sticking a needle in Sami's skull "to stimulate his pleasure center." There was one thing Sami did that genuinely worried him. Sami had a habit of running alongside you, and then flopping over right in front of you. Dad had a great deal of trouble moving due to neurological problems, and this behavior presented a real risk of causing him to fall.

But, his actions belied his words. On a hot summer day soon after Sami arrived, Dad was sitting bare chested, calmly musing as Sami nibbled on his armpit hairs.

One time, my sister, unnoticed, observed Dad grasping one side of an interior doorway, and, with great difficulty, bending down and scratching Sami's head. The next time Dad made some remark like "Kill the cat," she let him know what she had seen. He made the weak rejoinder, "I was trying to strangle him."

Dad also contrived an excellent scratching post -- purely to save the furniture, of course -- a long 1x4 (or was it a 1x6?) wrapped in several layers of burlap, screwed into the molding around that same interior doorway. At the top of the doorway was set a shelf, supported by the top molding and a couple of other added pieces of wood. This revealed more of Sami's character. He liked to climb the post and look down, vulturelike, from his perch on the shelf. But he also would carry stuff up there -- often wads of paper, which he would then drop onto anyone passing below. Game on! You threw the wad of paper back up, he would bat it back down with his paws, sometimes after it landed on the shelf, sometimes right out of the air.

One morning, Mom said the sink stopper was missing. This was one of those stainless steel things with a disk of rubber, and solidly built. It had been there the evening before, when the dishes were washed after supper. We were mystified as to how it could have disappeared overnight. The mystery was finally solved when the stopper was discovered on the shelf at the top of the scratching post! I don't remember whether we looked there simply because we'd run out of other places to look, or if Sami was up there and moved the thing, and someone heard it. In any case, we were all glad he hadn't dropped [i]that[/i] on someone's head! The fact that he had been able to get the thing out of the sink, jump down to the floor (apparently without dropping it, which would have made a fair bit of noise), and carry it up to his perch amazed us. The stopper went missing one other time, but of course that time we knew right where to look.

Sami did not grow old. We often let him roam outside, and this proved to be his undoing. One day he became quite ill, and we took him to the vet. Bad news. He had been poisoned (the symptoms suggested he might have eaten some slug bait), and within a day or two, he was gone.

xilman 2019-08-23 15:45

[QUOTE=Dr Sardonicus;524370]He also helped Mom with her sewing, which she did in a room with a linoleum floor, on which she laid out sewing patterns. Sami figured out that it was great fun to get on the empty chair, and then jump onto a pattern, which would go sliding across the floor.[/QUOTE]We had a cat whcih enjoyed carpet-surfing as we called it. We would put a sheet of newspaper on the carpet; he would then take a run-up, leap aboard and slide.

Another cat could be used as a floor-cleaner. Place a hand on his belly and scrub the floor with the cat.

ewmayer 2019-08-23 18:58

[QUOTE=Dr Sardonicus;524370]When dinosaurs ruled the earth, and I was in grade school, my parents got my younger sister a cat, something she wanted very much. It was a "seal point" Siamese, that sometimes went cross-eyed. It got the name Samisen (A Japanese musical instrument)[/QUOTE]

'Samisen' is also 1 letter off from being an anagram of 'Siamese'. And by way of further wordplay...

[QUOTE=rogue;496521]I believe the correct term is "catoflague".[/QUOTE]


rogue 2019-08-23 20:21



rogue 2020-05-14 02:38

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[QUOTE=rogue;470629]This is our current cat, Dinky. When in the right mood, he loves belly rubs. He also loves my laptop, which is nice and warm while searching for primes.[/QUOTE]

It is with sadness that Dinky, affectionately called Dinkster or Dinkerdoodle, had to be put down today. He had growths in both lungs which were impairing his ability to breath. This had been doing on for months and at his previous vet visit, was given a prognosis of less than a month. He went downhill quickly over the past few days so with heavy hearts we made the decision to end his suffering.

Apollo, the foster we picked up in July of 2019, was adopted earlier this year. Unfortunately Apollo was deaf, but by all appearances he found a good home.

Timmy and Tommy have been with us since last year with no interest from anyone in adopting them. Now that Dinky is no longer with us, we have made our home their furever home. They now have all of the house to themselves and are no longer relegated to the basement (which has a rec room) at night. Tonight will be their first night upstairs and I'm guessing that they will spend the night in my bedroom and probably on my bed as both are very attached to me.

Here is an image of them together.

kladner 2020-09-21 22:30

A friend's dog Maya
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He says she's a Golden Doodle. She loves water. She's about 10 months old. I have only seen pictures, but she seems to be really engaging and lively, as you might expect. She gets lots of stimuli from her keeper. :smile:

chalsall 2020-09-21 22:47

I see your increadibly cute image...
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Phobos likes to help me with project management...

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