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joblack 2009-01-01 23:43

Worker Windows question
What is the difference between

world record sized numbers to test


first time tests

in the worker windows menu? Where are these options explained?

cheesehead 2009-01-02 00:24

"First time tests" can be assigned any exponent that needs a first-time test, regardless of whether that exponent is higher or lower than the current world record Mersenne prime's exponent.

"World record sized numbers to test" will assign [I]only[/I] exponents that are [I]higher[/I] than the current world record Mersenne prime's exponent. However, it is quite possible that a new world record prime with a higher exponent will be discovered while one is in the midst of testing an exponent assigned in this class. Thus, there is no guarantee that any exponent so assigned will be a world record when and if it is discovered to be a new Mersenne prime's exponent at the end of the L-L test.

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