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paulunderwood 2005-11-13 16:04

321 Website
:banana: The 321 website is [URL=]here[/URL] :banana:

Corrections are welcome.

Suggestions about content, style, grammar, etc are all welcome.

If you want anything added then let us know.


Jwb52z 2005-11-13 19:22

That link reports a "Not Found" type error.

BotXXX 2005-11-13 19:31


this one should work... but maybe better to rename or make a index.htm(l)

paulunderwood 2005-11-13 22:18


I've fixed the "index" problem by renaming the index page as index and pointing links back to it. So [url][/url] should work now.

paulunderwood 2006-04-28 01:28

The website is down for a few hours -- so you can't grab input files. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. When the site is back up please consider joining the team on its way to testing 800,000 decimal digit candidate primes for one of the computationally quickest multipliers, k=3. :glare:

Email me for input files until the site is back up

paulunderwood 2006-04-28 12:34

The [URL=""]321 site [/URL]is back up. Reservation and input files are available again [URL=""]here[/URL] :smile:

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