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Orgasmic Troll 2007-10-24 03:06

Shameless Plug: Math T-Shirt
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Hey, the math grad student association at UIC is printing up this design (that I created!) onto a t-shirt for a fundraiser. I thought you guys might be interested.


We're taking pre-orders now, and it is $10 for S-XL and $12 for XXL and XXXL. If you're outside the Chicago area, add $2.50 for shipping

We're taking orders through November 7th, they're going to be printed on unisex hunter green t-shirts

for an idea of placement and size, see [url][/url]

for payment, you can either mail me a check, or use paypal (Private message me for my paypal address)

Mods, if shameless hawking is verboten, my apologies.

Orgasmic Troll 2007-10-24 03:07

I just wanted to add that you can click on the picture of the design for a larger view

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