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jwaltos 2017-05-23 20:19

Please disregard the above post.

Aside from `magic` and `cheating` in gambling/games-of-chance, there is usually a working strategy or one doesn't exist. There are some excellent expositions on games-of-no-chance.

For poker, `The mathematics of poker, Chen`, is a good read. Complementing that are a few good sites that provide tips on building a decent poker-bot.

Regarding lotteries, I found that an application of the gamma function that provided a quick way to establish a sample set of lottery numbers for the 649 relative to the jackpot size. Traversing the lottery database using historical winning numbers, the results were boom or bust. As with blackjack, every edge look at the subsidiary prize structure, extra bonus prizes, etc.. that may marginally improve your [url=]betrig[/url] odds. Otherwise, give your designated dispensable funds to a charity or homeless person.

jwaltos 2017-08-04 14:18

While in NYC we picked up a Power Ball ticket and I just checked it online with the obvious results. I also clicked on the "Lottery Prediction" tab and saw this caption, "Astro Numerology Lottery Predictions."
You can't go wrong with that title!

As an aside, we saw Dave Chappelle at the Comedy Cellar testing some material. The odds of that happening were astronomical so the trip was worth it for that alone.

schickel 2018-03-02 00:01

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So I stopped playing for a while because life caught up with me but I started playing around with this again and have caught both ends of the odds since the first of the year.

The first one is during a streak when I was ~$2400 in the hole and finally caught a winner. If it had hit at $480 instead I would have broken even.

The second one just hit. For this one I was ~$900 in the hole playing the double ticket level. I also made a stupid side bet on this one: 040 had not come up since draw #10546 on 12/31/2011 and so I decided to make a bet on all three combos straight/box, even realizing that the odds were not any better of it coming up. Boy was that a nice surprise! Added bonus: cashing out $1700 with no 1099 involved. :smile:

Kingofchance 2019-05-09 05:15

[B][COLOR="Purple"]hi schickel, i am a reseacher of pick three. I have found some solutions or system of probabilites. I would to like to share with sb. I am not native speaker but i am sure i can explain clearly.[/COLOR][/B]

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