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Nazo 2005-08-05 06:28

Prime95 blend torture defaulting to too much memory?
I decided to try one last time on a more in between overclock of my system (and so far so good.) I fired up Prime95 (don't worry, I keep an actual seperate link, one to start normally and one to start in stress test mode, so there's no chance of accidentally introducing bad data) and selected the blend test because I'm ocing the FSB a bit too (probably not enough to be worthwhile, but, first I find out where it's stable, then I find out that sort of thing.) My system almost immediately started slowing down very badly. At first I was baffled, then I looked down and noticed that the harddrive LED was practically solid. I looked in the settings and noticed it was defaulting to 927MB... It had overflowed physical ram and started swapping like crazy almost instantly with that setting and was sitting very low on the CPU usage (not to mention not really pushing my memory as hard as I wanted.)

Basically what I'm saying is that it should look at actually available RAM rather than total and pick something that leaves, oh, say 10% free (if you don't leave a little extra room the user will fill it up.) I mean, I'm find with setting it manually once or twice, but, it's a real pain to had to do it every time I want the blend test.

PS. I'll be 110% sure it's rock solid stable before I actually get back to normal testing. I won't repeat my last mistake. ^_^

Cruelty 2005-08-05 07:37

What version of prime95 are you running? I have had similar problem with 23.8... right now in 24.13 the problem is gone...

Nazo 2005-08-05 07:45

O.o I would have sworn I was using the latest version. Sorry about that then, just ignore me. ^_^ It just happens I have the very version you said you had the same problem in rather than the latest.

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