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mioot 2010-09-29 16:34

Linux script language

I’m doesn’t know anything about Linux script language, someone guide me or suggest me any good Ebook for Linux and how to start study a Linux scripts and in which editor I can do and how can I compile and run the program in Linux.

paulunderwood 2010-09-29 19:59

see: [url][/url]

You'll need to know shell scripting e.g "bash" programming, then maybe "sed" and "awk".

You'll have access to other languages too such a perl, php, python, ruby, lisp, C (in which most of linux is written), g++ and for number theorists pari/gp and gmp -- and much more!

Editors: nano, gedit (which has code pages -- colours), emacs and "vi" and many others!

HTH :smile:Just ask!

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