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-   -   332.2M - 333.9M (aka 100M digit range) (

chalsall 2021-12-29 21:47

[QUOTE=WGJC3107;596575]Any idea why this is? I've unreserved these for now until I figure out the issue[/QUOTE]

A Stupid Programmer Error (SPE) on my part... :smile:

The preview AJAX is a completely different code path from the actual assignment code. A bit of a legacy "tech debt".

For the "Option" pulldown on the LLTF assignment form, rather than "What Makes Sense", instead choose "LMH Bit-first" or "LMH Depth-first". You will then be given appropriate assignments up in 332M.

Thanks for pointing out this bug. And, also, for the cycles!

WGJC3107 2021-12-29 21:47

Got it working now, thank you! I'll be clearing through the 332.362m range onwards just to get the outliers up to 2^77

Magellan3s 2022-09-05 00:34

I found a few factors in the 100M digit range.

M332365417 has a factor 432051024919140375739513
M332367533 has a factor 430611124172366655539969
M332367547 has a factor 540634883968241798687473
M332369117 has a factor 355383076381464462763759

"Remaining cofactor is PRP status unknown"

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