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Uncwilly 2020-09-15 16:49

Of course xkcd [XKCD]2359[/XKCD].
I think people have been too left column this week.

xilman 2020-09-25 20:23


(Rocket scientists build classic design and prove that it works.)

tuckerkao 2020-09-25 21:29

[QUOTE=retina;323152]Thanks for the link. I think at a minimum the orbit has to be double the diameter of the Sun so that we can peek at the probe around the Sun's edges on a continuous basis. But practically I would expect the orbit needs to be larger than that to make signal reception more reliable.[/QUOTE]
The larger orbit will also be more functional for the Space Age Venus mission. The extremely high temperature and dense gravity will take some reliable devices to detect their unusual behaviors at times such as the inferno whirls.

retina 2020-09-27 08:52


Apparently we can use Phobos as a gateway to the entire solar system. And not have to worry about it losing momentum, since it is heavy enough to handle it.

kriesel 2020-09-27 18:06


(Rocket scientists build classic design and prove that it works.)[/QUOTE]
A few posts lower on that twitter page, fleeing gave the rocket space to acquire more velocity before impact. Very understandable though. [url][/url]

kriesel 2020-09-27 18:25

space travel in style
Take everyone/everything in the solar system along. Plan for a long duration voyage. [url][/url]

Mark Rose 2020-09-27 19:47

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Not sure if this was ever posted here

Nick 2020-10-19 20:04

Nokia to build mobile phone network for the moon

The moon doesn't appear to have a top-level domain name yet
(.lu is Luxembourg of course).

Uncwilly 2020-10-19 20:57

The asteroid Bennu is getting a up close and personal visit on Tuesday by OSIRIS/REx mission. [url][/url] The spacecraft is going to touch the asteroid, blow on it and catch what gets stirred up. Then it will return that to earth for study. The asteroid was mapped in painstaking detail to select a site suitable. There were thousands of volunteers that marked millions of objects of this large city block size body. These amateurs let the professions select 4 possible sampling sites. NASA had agreed to this, and then when they saw that Bennu was basically mixture of gravel and rocks of various sizes, they were worried that the mapping might not get finished in time.

The people behind Zooniverse [url][/url] and CosmoQuestX made it happen. The power of distributed work by humans is amazing.

chalsall 2020-11-15 20:27

NASA/SpaceX Crew-1...
I'm surprised no one mentioned this...

Empirically, the bell-curve of US of A thinking is not completely insane... :wink:


Appoximately four (4#) hours from now... :smile: :tu:

Uncwilly 2020-11-15 21:11

[QUOTE=chalsall;563315]I'm surprised no one mentioned this...[/QUOTE]I had the feed running before they went live.
I really am wanting to see Crew 2 launch on a used Dragon.
Also, I hope when that happens Dee O'Hara can be on hand in the hallway leading out of the suit up room.

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