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storm5510 2016-10-30 17:31

Damn You HP
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[SIZE=2]I found something a bit distressing after doing some web browsing about the HP Z220, which will be here tomorrow. The power supply is 400 watt and it is [U]proprietary[/U]. It does not conform to the ATX standard. The size is smaller and the mounting is different. The motherboard connector is also much smaller. The processor is is [U]not[/U] proprietary, but I don't know about the RAM modules.

I did some power consumption tests with my 'Kill A Watt" meter. In case no one here has seen one, I have attached a photo below. Anyway, Prime95 on this old system draws an additional 41 watts above the idle load when running a torture-test. mfaktc (x64) pulls 28 watts when the GPU is up to temperature. I know the Prime95 TT load will jump quite a bit with an i5 quad running at 3.4 GHz.

My primary concern here is to be able to run what I need and not over-tax the PSU. These PSU's are no longer produced. However, I located a source for a used replacement, if needed. Also, I will reorder another GTX-750ti card. [B]henryzz[/B] stated in another post that the wattage load on this card is about double what the GT-610 I have now uses.

There are other options: I have a spotless Dell 3000 case here which belonged to my niece. I could get an LGA 1155 motherboard and put it all in that. Then move the 550W PSU in this Asus. In my nearly 30 years of computer usage, I have never lost a power supply. I will just have to go along with it and see what happens...

Batalov 2016-10-30 18:03

[QUOTE=storm5510;446005][B]Damn You HP[/B][/QUOTE]
Could you please help the puzzled audience understand:
why are you buying something that you hate and damn?

storm5510 2016-10-31 01:30

[QUOTE=Batalov;446006]Could you please help the puzzled audience understand:
why are you buying something that you hate and damn?[/QUOTE]

I had an HP Pavilion about a decade ago and nothing in it was proprietary. I was able to upgrade everything. I dislike HP's practices in making this particular model the way they did. They made it this way because, if anything happened to it, a person would have to go back to HP for service.

As I wrote above, I had the Pavilion and two of their ink-jet printers. No complaints on any. They outlived their software support and were retired.

chappy 2016-10-31 03:10

You may be able to buy a device that will allow you to add a second power supply (basically a relay that fires up the second psu at the right time) then you have to jury-rig the second psu to the case somehow.

Add2Psu is one such device.

storm5510 2016-10-31 04:24

[QUOTE=chappy;446022]...then you have to jury-rig the second psu to the case somehow.[/QUOTE]

I have a friend who owns a tool and die shop. He has CNC drilling machines, lathes, end-mills, and so on. I could take the empty case to him, with a standard ATX PSU, and let him drill new holes based on the hole pattern of the PSU.

Of course, none of this may be necessary, and I hope it will not be. :smile:

kladner 2016-10-31 08:46

:popcorn::smile: :tu:

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