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kwstone 2003-06-30 03:34

What happens to our existing records when we form a team?
I've got a few people who are interested in forming a team with me, but they have already been factoring for a while.

What happens to the time they already recorded on their Personal Mersenne Report? Does joining a team get our existing CPU time transferred to the team or is it lost?

Can anyone provide a bit of hand-holding to those going through the process of forming a team? As Hidden Warrior has commented in this Forum, the menu options are a bit confusing.

S80780 2003-06-30 09:26

[quote="[url=]PrimeNet News and Information[/url]"]
Note: Changing your account ID in Prime95 transfers all assignments and test credit to the new account ID unless LockUserInfo=1 is set in your prime.ini file..
Of cause, you can also copy the Prime95 directory, delete [i]local.ini[/i] and [i]prime.ini[/i] and create the new team account. This way you can easily switch between the accounts by resetting the start at bootup options of the clients.
Have you looked up the [url=]Please, help me.[/url] thread in this forum?
If you have further questions, feel free to ask.


kwstone 2003-07-25 13:39

still having problems
I still have problems with moving my work to a team account and I wonder if anyone can help me. I get the feeling I'm being incredibly dense here, since it ought to be so simple :?

I've tried setting up a team account by changing the UserID and Password in my own user information. I have never succeeded in getting this to work.

So instead, I set up a new account on another machine from scratch as a team account (Team_China). This worked OK.

But when I try to add my own account to the team by changing the UserID and Password in my own user information it still fails to appear on the Account Report for the team, although the messages displayed in Prime95 look as though they are doing what I wanted.

I see all this displayed inthe Prime95 window:

[b]Updating user information on the server
Updating computer information on the server
Sending text message to server:
UID: Team_China/Legend: UID:Team_China, User: kwstone, <my_mail_address>
Sending text message to server:
UID: Team_China/Legend: Change UID from kwstone to Team_China
Done communicating with server.[/b]

Which looks like it's doing something.

My prime.ini looks like this


Which also looks ok to me.

What am I doing wrong :question: :question: :question:

Complex33 2003-07-25 15:43

Is it possible that when you originally setup your account that you checked "Create a team using the above information..."? This will cause the Primenet server to prevent the shuffling of credit away from that account when/if someone changed their information.

kwstone 2003-07-26 04:19

It's possible. How can I check that? And, if so, is there any way to change it?

tombammann 2005-05-06 03:38

If you accidentally clicked the 'create a team' box, you have to contact the project creator, as I read in another thread: [URL][/URL]

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