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khanricksteele 2009-05-11 16:17

Problem related to web filtering
I'm running p95 (version 25.8) at work since 17-march, and 24.14 prior to that. Everything was working fine.

My employer uses a web filtering system called Websense, has used it for years. As of April 21, the filter started blocking communications when p95 tried to update computer information on the server.

The problem is that the filter returns a web page requiring frames when a website is blocked. Which of course, p95 is not expecting, so it results in an error, and tries again in 60 minutes.

I can get around this by copying the reporting URI from the log and manually sending my web browser there. When the filter block it, it allows "quota time", so I tell it to use that. Then go back to p95 and initiate a manual communication.

Our IT department is extremely reluctant to add exceptions to the filter, though I do have permission to use the software, so I won't even bother trying that route.

Has anybody run into a problem like this, and perhaps could suggest a solution so I don't have to use the "manual communication" method (which relies on my poor memory)? Perhaps a way to use an alternative port number or something? Or a feature in the communications module that could echo a response to the server to mimic me hitting the "use quota time" button?

Uncwilly 2009-05-11 19:51

Does your employer allow the use of a proxy? Setting up P95 to use a proxy may be what you need.

khanricksteele 2009-06-02 17:26

Nope, no proxies.

(I agree, 6809 > 6502 :tu: I used to program in 6809 assembly...)

Primeinator 2009-06-08 04:30

Since you cannot use a proxy or proxy site, there is another method, albeit a slightly more involved one. I should add that I'm not sure this is the solution you are looking for but it is worth a try. Also, I believe this can only be done on Windows but I may be mistaken on that particular factoid.

Here is what you do... use command prompt to ping the website in question to find its IP address. Then, using that IP you "should" be able to connect directly to it using the address rather than the address you are familiar with. I think this process is slightly different if your PC runs DOS, but I doubt that it does as it would have to be OLD. Finally, this may not work unless you have administrator privileges but I am not sure... it is worth a try I suppose

Hope this helps!

Primeinator 2009-06-08 22:53

I did some research and the method I mentioned above seems to have worked for a lot of individuals who have Websense installed on their computers at work.

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