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jocelynl 2004-08-20 14:51

Low weight stats page.
Since <300k is almost completed, I would like to set up a page on low weight candidates of the form [URL=]k*2^n-1[/URL] . If you could just tell me what work you have done on these. It would be nice not to duplicate work.


Kosmaj 2004-08-23 10:47

I haven't done any work on low-weight k's but I was thinknig to propose that we process one real but small 15k to 1M like k=15, 45, 75 or 105. After sieving such k's produce too many candidates for a single cruncher to process, but potentially they hide a good deal of primes so if we do it together there are good chances that many of us will find a large prime. With the latest LLR-P4 I think it can be done in a reasonable amount of time. What do you say?

jocelynl 2004-08-23 15:58

I guess Mark could set up a team for some low 15k like he has done with 210885 and 2995125705. With the new LLRP-4, k=15 seems a good choice. Robert has been working on it for some times. We should ask him for team work first.


jocelynl 2004-09-02 10:44

This is our first top5000 prime on Low Weight Candidate
It's a start!


Thomas11 2004-11-16 19:54

I'm just announcing the find of two (big) primes of low weight k:

209826493*2^1140855-1 (ranking at position 50 of the Top-5000!)
209826493*2^1071303-1 (found a few months earlier)

-- Thomas L10

Templus 2004-11-16 21:09

Wow thomas!!

Congratulations on your 2 big primes!!!! Good work!!!!

:bow: :bow: :bow: :banana:

jocelynl 2004-11-17 17:53

These should had some weight to our project!
Great work :flex: Thomas :flex: !


Thomas11 2004-12-12 15:35

How about another big one?

80857169*2^1251076-1 is prime! :w00t:

-- Thomas L10

jocelynl 2004-12-12 19:51


rank 37, whooo now we're talking.



Kosmaj 2004-12-18 16:15

[B]Thomas[/B], congrats any many huge primes!

BTW, can I reserve one k, just to try? I'm not sure how to read the table at the [URL=]status page[/URL] but if available I'd like to take [b]k=32537227[/b]. It has no available data so I assume it's available(?) Can one reserve k's with some associated date in the table and/or provided sieve file?

Thanks and good luck!

jocelynl 2004-12-18 17:17

Hi Kosmaj,

k=32537227 is all yours
I don't have any sieve file for it
It's not a very low weight at 2100 n's left at 20M but still a good choice.


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