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WMHalsdorf 2014-07-12 17:15

Move 36 & 37
So no reasons to delay 36 Nxe7 following up with 37. Ra7 if 36... Bxe7

LaurV 2014-07-12 18:33

Agree. We already analyzed this.
Let's play.

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-18 19:29

They played did play 36... Bxe7 as expected.

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-19 15:36

I don't think there is a better move than Ra7

LaurV 2014-07-20 18:11

Indeed, it seems that the version we discussed still stands. However I had a look to the position again this evening, just to make sure we don't go "in the weeds". I think cheesehead will make a lot of fun of us if we lose, or either if we get a draw :rofl:

Therefore I just tried to make sure we still win it, after I boasted to him that the position is "piece of cake".

I will post Ra7, and let's see what they move. If we make a free pawn there, they will have to give a piece for it, and we are done. There is still a "very small" chance we end up wit a rook against a horse, or bishop, which is kind of draw in the most situations, if they play it well (which I have no doubt they will, [U]if[/U] we get there). In that case we will have to came with the king to the center and try to sustain both sides.

Our strength now is that, after Ra7, Nb3, they can't leave the bishop with the king, due to our bishop. If Bf1, Kf6, Ra6+, if Ke6 then Bc4 Nd2 [B]Rxa5+[/B]. So, the king can't step on line 5. And if the king goes back to f7, then Bc4+ and they lost the knight. So, it is a little forced to be:

37 Ra7 Nb3 38 Bf1 Kf6 39 Ra6+ [B]Kg7[/B], and then we start centralizing our king - it makes no sense to do Bc4 now, due to Nd2, white bishop somewhere, [B]Bb4[/B] and we fail to capture the pawn, we just lose moves. So, 40 Kf2 Bb4.

We [U]can[/U] win this!

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-20 19:33

If 37... Nb3 then 38. Ra6 threatening 39. Be6+

LaurV 2014-07-21 14:26

[QUOTE=WMHalsdorf;378662]If 37... Nb3 then 38. Ra6 threatening 39. Be6+[/QUOTE]
That is very interesting too, but after 38...Rg7 he defends the pawns and we are in the same situation, we either do Ra7, Kf7 and we repeat the position, or we move the bishop. So, let's concentrate in moving the bishop :razz: Still can't take that pawn immediately.

They can defend the pawn right now, with either Nb3 or Nc4.

Nc4 is bad because after Bf1, they must move the horse, d2 or e3 does not work as our bishop is defended by the king, so the pawn is lost for free, and we get an unblocked pawn. This is sure win for us.

So, Nc3 is left, and here Bf1-Bc4 is shadowed by Nd2, we need to move the bishop and they can bring Bb4. Then we can't take that pawn so easy. [edit: I mean 37...Nc3 38 Bf1 Kf6 39 Ra6+ Kg7 40 Bc4 Nd2 41 B somewhere or R defends B, ten Bb4, and we have some trouble. Moving 38 Ra6 doesn't help, as said above, after Kg7 we are in the same position and have to move the bishop or repeat. Repeating moves is not in our advantage right now].

It should be better if we can attack the horse from a position where black can't threat the white bishop, like from [U]d1[/U], or [U]d5[/U]. But d5 is difficult to reach, if Bg2, then Ke6 and we lose them.

Therefore, the remaining variant is also how we win:
37...Nb3 38 [B]Bg4![/B] (threatening Bd1!). Now, if 38... Kf6 (threatening to fork the rock with Bc5) then 39 Ra6+ Kg7, seems like the same story, but after 40 Bd1, black loses the pawn, and the game.

So, we won. This game is played, as I said. :smile:

WMHalsdorf 2014-07-21 16:35

38 Bg4 does get the Bishop into play faster and on a better diagonal.
So if they [;ay 37... Nb3 then 38. Bg4 and if 37... Nc4 then 38. Nf1
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