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fes016 2007-10-28 22:25

Prime95 (32-bit) on 64-bit Linux OK?
New to the forum, but not to GIMPS (4+ years now).

My 2nd PC (C2D E6420, Intel DP965LT MB) has Slackware Linux 12.0 running the Linux version of Prime95. I was thinking of trying out Bluewhite64 12.0, which is an unofficial 64-bit port of Slackware. Will I have any problems running Prime95 (which is 32-bit - I know that there is an alpha version 25 that is 64-bit) on Bluewhite64?


paulunderwood 2007-10-29 01:50

Yeah, that should be okay. With mprime-64-bit you'll need the right libraries. You could run the static sprime-64-bit if you can't get those libraries installed. If you want to run a [I]slower[/I] 32-bit version you will need the correct 32-bit libraries installed under the 64-bit operating system. On my system that is ia32-libs. Good luck! :grin:

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