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wblipp 2003-11-06 02:58

ECM Server for Record Size Factors at 8195
I have set up an ECM Server on Port 8195 to distribute only those ElevenSmooth assignments that have a good chance of qualifying for the [URL=]Records Page[/URL].

To make the list of 100 largest factors found by ECM, a factor must be at least 46 digits long. There is only one composite in the ElevenSmooth server that qualifies at this time; the C149 composite from M(1575) is about 80% finished with testing at the 45 digit level (B1=11M) and will advance to the 50 digit level sometime this month. The 45 digit level is expected to find primes that are mostly from 43 to 47 digits, but the smaller primes are likely to be found sooner, so any prime still discovered at this level is likely to qualify for the list.

There is also a list of the [URL=]10 largest factors found by GMP-ECM so far this year[/URL]. That list presently requires 50 digit factors, so factors from this composite will soon qualify for that list, too.

I intend to have this server distribute all assignments that are likely to qualify for either list. I hope this server will attract new participants to ElevenSmooth.

To reach the Record Setting Server, edit the configuration file [i]EcmClient.cfg[/i] and change the port number to 8195.

wblipp 2003-11-25 15:47

This machine will be down over the US Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Requests to this server are being automatically routed to the main ECM Server during this time.

All times are UTC. The time now is 08:40.

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