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gbvalor 2003-12-16 15:17

Sixth bigest prime (no Mersenne's) discovered!
The Inquirer says that a seventeen discovers sixth ever knwon prime!


We have to go fast!, other people/teams are very near.

Congratulations to the discoverers :grin:


cheesehead 2003-12-16 21:31

According to Seventeen or Bust's announcement at [url][/url] their newest discovery has 1,521,561 decimal digits. Thus it becomes the fourth-biggest known prime at this time.

I think some confusion has arisen because this may be Seventeen or Bust's sixth discovery, or sixth largest-discovery-by-Seventeen-or-Bust (that is, five of Seventeen or Bust's previous discoveries were each, at their times of discovery, the largest prime found so far by Seventeen or Bust) or something like that, and The Inquirer abbreviated this to simply "sixth prime".

TauCeti 2003-12-16 21:57

I still wait for the day The Inquirer abbreviates a whole week to [I]42[/I]. But their interwebbery is still my 2nd visit every morning :grin:

JoCo 2004-01-08 16:11

If you read the article, the discoverer is NOT 17, and he discovered the 4th largest known prime. It is also the largest NON-MERSENNE prime found.

dsouza123 2004-01-08 20:52

This is the info on the prime in question from SB (17 or bust).


we began to wonder when our own next discovery would come.

Long have we waited. And now, at last, the waiting has paid off.

5359*2^5054502+1 is prime!!!

On 6 December 2003, at 3:42:02 PM EST, the 1,521,561-digit prime was reported to the server. Due to the size of the number, it took 7 days to verify. The number weighs in as the 4th largest prime ever discovered. The story of the lucky participant, Randy Sundquist [stats], fits well with the discovery's timing:

"The prime was found on a computer I made out of old parts for my sister, who is going to school in Madison, WI. I installed the client to test the machine for a few days. The first and only work it did resulted in the prime!"

Randy is the founding member of Team ExtremeDC and has been crunching SB for over a year. He sometimes runs up to 20 SB client machines. The lucky machine he built for his sister is an 800 MHz Duron with 256 MB of RAM. This machine completed the Proth test in 10 days and 20 hours.

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