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Unregistered 2009-02-14 12:44

CURL Library Error: could not connect to host
I keep getting the message: 'CURL Library Error: could not connect to host'. I would like to know how to fix this problem.

Please advise me.

S485122 2009-02-14 13:57

Are you running behind a proxy ? If yes quit the program (which version of the program do you use, with which OS ?) , read the readme.txt dile about setting up a proxy.

If not, are you permanently connected to Internet or do you use a form of dial-up ? Do you use a firewall, it might be blocking Prime95 (or mprime or ...) from accessing the Internet.

Give us the full error message from prime.log...


Unregistered 2009-11-21 23:40

I'm also having this problem, I'm running on a mac OSX and no dial-up. No firewall. I'm not sure about the proxy though, how do I check?

S485122 2009-11-22 09:35

To know if you are to use a proxy server, you should look at Internet browser settings on the machine with the problem. Usually this is only the case if you are in company network. But some network providers could impose the use of their proxy.

If you find the relevant data for your proxy use the information from the readme file to configure mprime or prime95. With Prime95 you can set it up to use a proxy from the File / PrimeNet menu.

A start of a technical explanation :
If the program (mprime or prime95) you use can not connect from a machine while that machine does have Internet access, it means that somewhere a firewall blocks the packets sent : it can be on the workstation, on a router or access point or somewhere else in the network you use. Since the port used is 80, the same as for ordinary browsing and that you can browse from that machine it means that all port 80 traffic is blocked unless it goes through one of the proxy authorised on that or those firewalls.


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