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Uncwilly 2003-08-18 13:25

... you start this thread [url][/url] :idea:

trif 2003-08-19 07:16

You start figuring out how many parts you need to cobble together another system so that your son and your father can be the undisputed "widest age range in one family running GIMPS" (at least until someone else posts a wider range).

DSheets 2003-08-20 16:07

You get up at 3:00am to watch the first 77M test complete and send it's results to PrimeNet.

Dan 8)

kwstone 2003-08-21 15:58 [i]always[/i] get up, whatever time it is, to watch each of your exponent tests complete

Uncwilly 2003-08-22 22:05 get your phone number changed to a prime number.

You are [b]really[/b] addicted to GIMPS if you get it changed to M36, M37, or M38. :shock:

E_tron 2003-08-23 01:26

...if after 4 days of no internet, the first thing you do is check for v23.7 :rolleyes:

Gary Edstrom 2003-08-24 17:03

...if this is what happens when you bring your farm of P-4's online:

E_tron 2003-08-26 02:26

...if you upgraded from dial-up to an ISDN connection, so if the phones go out you will still be able to send your results for Prime95 :shock: .

Uncwilly 2003-08-26 21:14 check and see if your phone number is prime or not. :unsure:

adpowers 2003-08-27 06:19

... you update from dial up to broadband because the number of prime95 server updates from your monster farm saturated your connection

E_tron 2003-08-27 16:41

...if you used a Mersenne Prime for your Lottery Ticket :banana: .

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