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cheesehead 2003-06-17 03:16

... you worry about whether Prime95 will start thrashing while you're editing your latest contribution to the "It was a dark and stormy night ..." thread.

Maybeso 2003-06-17 19:43

You agonize over wheter to maximize the prime95 window and give it a higher priority, or minimize it so it doesn't have to waste cycles updating the screen. To minimize or not to minimize, that is the question.

battlemaxx 2003-06-19 20:04

...You have done at least three of the things others have posted on this list...

Complex33 2003-06-19 21:35

You've waited for a year to be invited to beta test Climate Prediction Net only to feel guilty when asked becuase you don't want to take away from GIMPS.

nomadicus 2003-06-20 03:10

When you leave your computer for a while, you make sure your brower is on a quite web page (such as so your computer doesn't waster cycles displaying animated gifs, run java, etc.

trif 2003-06-20 06:24

You're distressed at having to reinstall Windows because you botched the migration to the new mobo and Barton, but only because of the lost time from Prime95.

Reboot It 2003-06-20 12:57

You're distressed at even having to [i]restart[/i] Windows periodically, because of the lost Prime95 time!

rpmeyer 2003-06-20 15:49

You currently have an entry in Task Manager that looks like this:

Prime95.exe 688 99 2175:16:47 11,748K :shock:

Reboot It 2003-06-24 13:31

You [i]know[/i] Prime95.exe has been running for over 2000 hours but you will not even load Task Manager to have a look at the numbers because that would waste cycles!

E_tron 2003-06-28 03:12

You just might be addicted to GIMPS if... turn off Smooth Scroll for internet explorer.

(I wonder how many people are going to turn off Smooth Scroll after seeing that :D ?) run text-mode Linux. :devil: rename the START menu to the GIMPS menu. bought a 1GbDDR stick just for P-1 stage :shock: for a 1.5% extra chance of clearing an exponent without LL :? . don’t even have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse for fearing that you might be tempted to steal some of Prime95's cycles, because you save your money for more monitor less machines. 8) buy CPU's from Intel claiming that you are a retailer :rolleyes: , but you are really just using them for Prime95 :D .[b]
[/b] come up with multiple Red-Neck GIMPS jokes for the same post not able to wait untill tomorrow to post your next one :mrgreen: .

Xyzzy 2003-06-28 04:00

[quote="E_tron"] buy CPU's from Intel claiming that you are a retailer :rolleyes: , but you are really just using them for Prime95 :D .[b]
[/b][/quote] ;)

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