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dswanson 2003-08-27 22:56

[quote="Uncwilly"] check and see if your phone number is prime or not. :unsure:[/quote]
I did this in high school. Mine wasn't, but my girlfriend's was. So I married her.

E_tron 2003-08-28 06:32

...if you only keep a prime number of computers :) .

NickGlover 2003-08-28 08:17

[quote="E_tron"]...if you only keep a prime number of computers :) .[/quote]

You know you are a sci-fi geek, if the above reminds you of the Chitchatuk (humans) of the planet Sol Draconi Septem in the book, [url=][u]Endymion[/u] by Dan Simmons[/url]. The Chitchatuk believe it is good luck to hunt in parties with a prime number of members.

E_tron 2003-08-28 20:45

...if you morn the death of your P4 :( . Then you look at your athlon :confused: ....

(oh, and my P4 isnt dead)

Uncwilly 2003-08-28 20:55

... you code an FPU emulator so that you can LMH on your 286, 386, and 486's. :geek:

... you shop the swapmeets and keep an eye out for old x87's for your boxen. :w00t:

... you make your XT your firewall and server, so that no cycles are wasted on the other boxen. :showoff:

E_tron 2003-08-28 21:01

...if you have a functional XT :shock:

QuintLeo 2003-08-29 11:02

Why am I suddenly pondering how to get my Kaypro II to act as a firewall/gateway/router box?


Uncwilly 2003-08-29 22:48 buy a programmable calculator so as not to steal cycles, to do math problems. :flex: program your calculator to factor numbers. :geek:

tom11784 2003-08-29 23:41

crap - i do both of those last 2

E_tron 2003-08-29 23:43

...if you already done so :geek: :geek: :geek: :w00t:

E_tron 2003-09-02 01:50

...if you post to put this tread at the top of the Lounge again :) .

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